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Spot Trading Accounts

The client has the ability to trade with his available cash only.

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Margin Trading Accounts

The client has the ability to finance his purchases of stocks, Subject to the company policies and terms & conditions. Margin Trading is high risk and you may lose all your capital.

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E-Trade Service

The Client easily manage buy and sell orders through the online trading service via the Elite Mobile Trading application, where the client can enter buy and sell orders easily, safely and directly to the trading system in the Amman Stock Exchange.

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Risk Warning

Trading on margins involves risk, and it may not be fruitful and productive for investors. There must be through due diligence of the investment objectives, and the degree of willingness and adventure to bear these risks, and level of expertise available

تحذير المخاطر

ان التداول على الهامش فيه نوع من المخاطرة، وقد لا يكون مثمر ومنتج بالنسبة للمستثمرين، فيجب ان تكون هناك دراسة جيدة للأهداف بالنسبة للاستثمار، وما هي درجة الرغبة والمغامرة في تحمل هذه المخاطر، والخبرة المتاحة.

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