Chairman's Message

We aim to be a brokerage house where investors cab realize their financial objectives and experience prosperity and happiness by relying on our traditional strengths, market knowledge, and innovation. Elite has a history of providing brokerage services in Jordan. Our commitment to integrity and financial discipline have enable us to provide a range of products and services that bes meet the needs of our customers. Innovation in product, service, and process is our constant endeavor. Trusted team of experienced professionals are dedicated to work closely with investors inspired by integrity, efficiency and knowledge. We invite you to visit our offices and discuss with our qualified professionals how Elite can become a part of your financial success story.

Chairman : Bashar Nayel Al-Zoubi

Mr. Bashar Nayel Al-Zoubi​


Mr. Othman bin Mohammad Bafagieh​

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Ammar bin Farouq Zahran​

Board Member

Mr. Mohammad Nayel Al-Zoubi​

Board Member

Mr. Firas Tareq Alsuhiemat​

Board Member

Risk Warning

Trading on margins involves risk, and it may not be fruitful and productive for investors. There must be through due diligence of the investment objectives, and the degree of willingness and adventure to bear these risks, and level of expertise available

تحذير المخاطر

ان التداول على الهامش فيه نوع من المخاطرة، وقد لا يكون مثمر ومنتج بالنسبة للمستثمرين، فيجب ان تكون هناك دراسة جيدة للأهداف بالنسبة للاستثمار، وما هي درجة الرغبة والمغامرة في تحمل هذه المخاطر، والخبرة المتاحة.

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