About Us

Elite Financial Services is a limited company regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission.
Since its inception in 2006 it has been one of the ranked firms in the country’s financial markets and a pioneer in providing essential tools for corporate and individual clients. Our satisfied customers choose us for our seamless services related to opening an investor account, trading, portfolio tracking, market information and portfolio reports. As a leading brokerage and financial services company, Elite offers its diversified client base a Customer Care Center and dedicated relationship managers. Our operations are compliant with global financial security best practice and privacy protocols, and we ensure that our systems run on the latest technology.

Our vision

Most dynamic and client-oriented brokerage service provider in Jordan

Our mission

  • Deliver a superior customer experience by providing the best trading platform, professional expertise, and a diversified and innovative range of products and services
  • Practice the highest ethical standards in all our interactions and build relationships based on integrity, honesty, trust, and reliability
  • Providing unique brokerage services to its clients.

Business Principles:

  • Prioritize Clients.
  • Quality Services.
  • Industry Knowledge.
  • Qualified Team.
  • Operations and System.


The activities carried out by Elite Financial Services Company are subject to the supervision of the Jordan Securities Commission, the Amman Stock Exchange and the Securities Depository Center, as the company strictly adheres to the laws in force in the Kingdom. Treat our customers with respect, honesty and fairness. It is one of our core values ​​to maintain the best ethical standards. Moreover, we strive to combat money laundering and apply possible measures to obtain information that reveals the identity of the true beneficiary of clients to ensure the legality of activities in our company and to adopt the necessary policies and procedures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Risk Warning

Trading on margins involves risk, and it may not be fruitful and productive for investors. There must be through due diligence of the investment objectives, and the degree of willingness and adventure to bear these risks, and level of expertise available

تحذير المخاطر

ان التداول على الهامش فيه نوع من المخاطرة، وقد لا يكون مثمر ومنتج بالنسبة للمستثمرين، فيجب ان تكون هناك دراسة جيدة للأهداف بالنسبة للاستثمار، وما هي درجة الرغبة والمغامرة في تحمل هذه المخاطر، والخبرة المتاحة.

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