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History of the Jordanian capital market:
1930 - Start of trading in securities
1976 - issued Amman Financial Market Law No. (31) of 1976
1976 - Amman financial market to be set up
1978 - the start of trading in the financial market Oman
1997 - The Securities Law No. (23) for in 1997
1997 - establishment of a securities
1999 - Establishment Amman Stock Exchange
1999 - Establishment of SDC
2002 - A securities law No. (76) for in 2002
Capital market institutions Jordanian
• Securities Commission
• Amman Stock Exchange
Factors affecting share prices
That stock prices are liable to rise and fall according to the relationship between supply and demand like any other type of goods, and the most important factors affecting the price of shares as follows:
1 - the company's performance (profitability) as affected by the change in the volume of demand for the company's products and the change in selling prices and the change in the prices of raw materials, in addition to current policies.
2 - international events that affect the stock prices of their impact on the country's economy.
3 - different economic situation of the national economy and interest rates.
What does it mean to diversify the portfolio?
Could clarify the meaning of diversification through maxim Do not put all eggs in one basket, that is, an investor must diversify its investments in the portfolio, which contains, which have the greatest impact in increasing Kderhamahfezh to meet fluctuations in the value of these investments better than if they non-diversified portfolio.
Is a tool to help investors determine the general trend of stock prices and measure changes during a certain period compared with the others.
The Amman stock exchange recently launching a new index of the bourse indices along with the former, so that was adopted on the basis of the index weighting the market value of shares available for free circulation. The weight is given to companies in the internal composition of the index that does not exceed the weight of any company in the index for the upper limit allowed.
Scheduling meetings circulation:
Stages Meeting Market Time
Pre-opening Opening
Continuous trading bonds + investment funds

9:30 -9:35
9:35- 9:55


Continuous Trading
I + II + human subscription 9:30-10:00
Special deals transactions Deals 12:00-12:15
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